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This is for the beginner, the mom that will be helping the kid at home or the dude that wants something for the backyard. All you RC racers and RC lifers, I will get to you later.

People walk into Hounds Hobbies and see lots of Traxxas. There’s a reason for this. They might not always live up to their slogan “fastest name in radio control” but they are affordable, easy to work on and they do take a beating. Plus and maybe most importantly they have A+ customer service.

I like Traxxas. I think that you are buying a product that has countless hours of development that has proved over decades! Yes decades; Traxxas goes back to the 80’s and they have survived. They have proved their product year after year. Parts are easy to change out and truthfully $2.99 for a set of steering knuckles is pretty good. Their electronics are good. Yea they can fail like all electronics but you know what separates them from the rest? Their warranty. They stand behind their products and want you up and running.

So when you are debating this Christmas about what car to get the kid, husband or yourself….start with Traxxas. And don’t forget who is your favorite hobby shop when you are ready to make your purchase.

Hounds Hobbies & RC Track

P.S. And for you racers…stay tuned!


Traxxas Time Line*
* 1986 – Traxxas Corporation is founded by Jim Jenkins and David Katz, introducing Ready-to-Run (RTR) models to the R/C community
* 1986 – Traxxas Wildcat from Bluebird; the First Ready-to-Run (RTR) car released
* 1987 – Tomcat, Streetcat,The Cat, and Fiero GTP were released
* 1988 – Bullet
* 1989 – Villain IV (boat), Sledgehammer, Radicator, Hawk
* 1990 – Blue Eagle, TRX eagle
* 1991 – Blue Eagle LS, TRX-1
* 1992 – Hawk 2, Nitro Hawk (first Traxxas nitro vehicle) with Image .12 nitro engine
* 1993 – LS-2, TRX-3, TRX .12, Nitro Buggy, Nitro Street,1/6 Scale Gas Buggy or “Monster Buggy” 6002 , 1/6 On-Road or “Monster Street” 5601
* 1994 – SRT, Rustler and Stampede released
+ David Katz became sole owner of Traxxas Corporation
* 1995 – Spirit, Blast (boat), TCP, Bandit, Nitro Vee
* 1996 – Nitro Stampede
* 1997 – Street Sport, Nitro Rustler, TRX .15, TQ Radio
* 1998 – Nitro Sport, and Nitro 4-Tec released
* 1999 – T-Maxx with Pro .15 released
* 2000 – Introduction of the E-Maxx with Traxxas VX-12 esc
* 2002 – E-Maxx updated with Novak EVX, T-Maxx Classic 2.5 on story shelves
* 2003 – SportMaxx 2.5 (2-wheel drive version of the T-Maxx), and Villian EX released
+ Mike Jenkins (son of Jim Jenkins) purchased Traxxas Corporation; name simplified to just Traxxas
* 2004 – T-Maxx 2.5R, and Revo with 2.5R released
* 2005 – Jato released
* 2006 – TRX 3.3 engine released, T-Maxx 3.3 and Revo 3.3 with longer chassis and wider stance released
* 2007 – Velineon Brushless Power System released
* 2008 – Slash released and Revo Platinum edition introduced for short time

* 2009 – T-Maxx 3.3, and Slash 4X4 released; Traxxas became title sponsor of TORC: The Off-Road Championship (
* 2010 – Spartan boat released
* 2011 – XO-1 released
* 2012 – Funny Car released; Traxxas enters R/C aircraft category with QR-1 and DR-1; Traxxas became lead sponsor for Courtney Force (
* 2014 – Traxxas Link Wireless (Bluetooth); Traxxas Link App for iOS and Android devices; iD Battery and Charger technology introduced

* 2015 – Traxxas Stability Management and On-Board Audio systems available in select models
* 2015 – Skully and Craniac are introduced based off the Stampede
* 2015 – X-Maxx released along with Self-Righting feature, Aton is also released
* 2016 – M41 Widebody catamaran-style boat released
* 2016 – BIGFOOT is introduced, based on the Stampede
* 2017 – TRX-4 is introduced with remote locking differentials

*Time Line information was from Wikipedia

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