In RC vehicles

Service Agreement Name________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________ City_________________ State_____ Zip__________ Phone #___________________ *****​Password if applicable:____________ Explain problem or work wanted:(we need receiver and radio) By signing below you are agreeing to terms on other side of this agreement and authorize Hounds Detectors & Hobbies to work on your vehicle. _____I authorize all work to be done on vehicle _____ I authorize work up to ______dollar amount. DO not exceed this amount without calling. _____ Please call with estimate of all work completed and I agree to free ten minute inspection. Signature_____________________________Date__________ Store Employee__________ To be filled out by Hounds at intake: Vehicle Brand/size​____________________CAR * TRUCK * BUGGY * HELI * BOAT *QUAD * Detector * Leaving:​ BATTERY qty_____ REMOTE * BODY * EXTRA PARTS(LIST) OTHER_____________________ DROP OFF NOTES: Worked on By:_______________Hours: ______ Parts used: (item # & Description) Owners Signature agree to work and completion_________________________________________ Called_______ Saved in Register______ Total______ Service Agreement Both Parties agree that: *Hounds Detectors & Hobbies is not responsible for any theft, damage or loss of property left on premise. *Hounds Detectors & Hobbies will test & work on the vehicle to the best of their ability. *Owner of Vehicle is responsible for $30 Surface Vehicle diagnostic/min fee and $50 Advanced Aerial hourly rate for work performed after diagnosis and all parts installed onto vehicle. *Warranty work must be authorized through manufacturer. Please allow up to 14 days for warranty to be authorized. *Work under warranty will will be free for 30 days after date of purchase for items purchased at Hounds Detectors & Hobbies, manufacturer authorization applies. *In some circumstances warranty work must be shipped back to the manufacturer. Shipping charges may apply and are the responsibility of the owner of car. * Vehicles which are “vintage” or discontinued cannot be guaranteed to be fixed which is based on part availability. *Owners must specify in writing on the front of the service agreement if they only want a diagnosis and quote before work is performed. If owner does note this in writing work will be performed without calls and quotes prior. *Owner agrees to pick up vehicle within 90 days of dropping off. *If items are not picked up within 90 days, it will be considered abandoned and Hounds’ can handle the item at their discretion *Owner gives Hounds Detectors & Hobbies permission to work on & make necessary changes to the vehicle. *Hounds Detectors & Hobbies is not responsible for reversing any changes and modifications any such changes will result in additional service fees. *Owner of vehicle is responsible for checking their vehicle over at pick up, after pick up owner has 24 hours to call and report any issues. In some cases issues that occur after service may be subject to additional service fees and parts. *Service can take up to 3 business days to be competed. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not included in quote. The 3 days is a quote and could be longer. *Hounds is not responsible for service times that take longer. Staple ALL Parts to work order!

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